An Importance of Vanity Website for Hotel/Motel/Restaurant

Why We Need a Vanity Website?

  • In addition to being an inbound marketing hub, your website also allows you to control how you run promotions and communicate with your travel shoppers.
  • Unlike social media channels, your website has a unique ability to collect data. Analytic platforms such as Google Analytics provide measurable data that can help you improve your messaging and marketing strategy, and ultimately, conversion rates.

Unique UI and Improved UX

  • Your vanity website is an independent platform of your hotel property which can be customized to your unique surroundings – Whether your hotel is on the beach or its winery or it’s in a city centre.
  • Your unique, independent website can be customized to based on your hotel property type, giving you an edge over the template websites.

Better Social Media Integration

  • Nowadays we realized the importance of social media especially in hotel industry and with vanity website we can integrate major social media channels.
  • With social media pages link your guests will come to know your official Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram account.
  • Independent hotel websites allow you to integrate and prominently display each one of your social media profiles, making it easy for visitors to follow, like and interact with your hotel.

Cover more ground in Search Engine Results

  • With both your official brand site and an independent site, your hotel will be able to rank many more keywords.
  • Creating landing pages about upcoming area events, updating meta tags to target important keywords and keeping fresh, keyword optimized content on the site are just a few ways your independent hotel website will stand out in search engines for the keywords that tend to convert better.

Make Website updates more quickly

  • With an independent website, the hotel has complete control over the If your hotel recently created a special brunch menu, or took new photos of the lobby, those can be displayed on the independent hotel website within hours or even minutes.

Showcase on-site Hotel Outlets

  • Hotels have so many on-site outlets, including Spas, restaurants, gift shops, fitness centre and golf courses which they can promote through their independent website.
  • Although there are great strategies for promoting hotel restaurants and other on-site amenities, while a brand website will allow limited customization.

Detailed Website Tracking and Analytics

  • With website analytics, the hotel can track how users are finding the website and can monitor visitor activity and behaviour once they arrive. This information for hotels includes everything from number of visitors viewing the site on mobile devices, returning users, which pages are most viewed, which pages are top landing pages, which marketing channels are driving the sales etc.
  • This information can only be accessed through independent websites, as many hotel brands don’t provide such detailed analytics tracking to their hotels.

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